Resource Management

Resource Management = BIG $ Savings

•          Whether a department or company of small, medium or large scale, internal employees & contractors add up to a big part of your budget.

•          Organizing & Optimizing the use of your staff drives giant savings in operational costs, speeds time to market & improves quality of service.

•          The following is a high level overview on Resource Management.

The Challenges

•          A large % of budgets are spent on staff.

•          Constant pressure to reduce costs & grow margins weighs heavily on executive team.

•          How do we know 100% of our staff are working on our business priorities at optimum capacity?

•          Does our next fiscal year budget have the right S&R and Contractor budget mix?

•          Are our staff located in the best geographic location and organized around centers of excellence?

•          Are we paying non-standard rates for our Contractors?

•          When will the team get our products & services to market?

The Benefits

•          Drive Operational Savings

•          Expedient, proactive & balanced project staffing fulfillment

•          Eliminate wasted employee & high-cost contractor time

•          Optimize use of contract resources aligning with financial plan

•          Ensure projects are managed within budget

•          Headcount alignment and prioritized hiring plans

•          Efficient contractor on-boarding timing and ramp-up

•          Provide predictability, improves visibility and measurability of business

•          Build efficient fiscal year plans based on true prioritized demand

•          Speed Time to Market

•          Deliver prioritized products & services to market faster

•          Improves distribution of effort, using underutilized capacity

•          Improve Quality of Service (QOS)

•          Improve visibility and measurability of business

•          Professional development of staff lowers attrition & increases corporate memory

•          Staff utilization makes management accountable

Here’s a peek at our Executive Approach to establishing and refining your Resource Management business operations:

•          The Breakdown – Which Resource Management services to establish

•          How to get There

•          Defined Engagement Roles & Responsibility in order to Launch Resource Management (RM)

•          Capability Maturity Model (CMM) : Assessment Tool

•          Justifying Fiscal Year Budget for Improving RM Maturity

•          Projects to Execute to enable Resource Management

•          Business Operations Analytics & KPI’s


Get Optimized with Resource Management today with your tailored Executive Approach.

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